Kirarina 2win and Wink Markers

A Product Review

Introducing Kirarina 2win and Wink Markers. These markers are now available in the Australian market. They are made by the brand name Copic and are popular amongst the Japanese girls for writing and doodling.

I’ve been playing around with them for about a week and finding them versatile and useful for so many other things other than just writing and doodling.

Firstly The 2win marker is a perfect fit for planner addicts as they don’t bleed through thin paper. This means you can journal without worrying about seeing it on the other side. Secondly they smell nice, like the sniff and scratch stickers you used to get. My favourite ones are the berry and the melon, YUM!. Lastly they also have a highlighter as well as a writing pen! Even better the highlighter is lighter than the writing side.

The Wink is a lovely pen as well. This marker writes perfectly on photos (forgot to mention that in video) and doodles or writes lovely on black card stock There are plenty of shades to choose from.

Both markers are made by Copic with means these products are acid free. Perfect for preserving memories in our  scrapbooks, planners and on handmade cards.

Take a look at my video and see the markers for yourself .(Please excuse the thread jar and box on the left..I must get a proper stand)

This product is NO LONGER available on my website, however you can find them here.

Kirarina 2win and Wink Markers




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