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Kirarina 2win and Wink Markers – a quick look

It was about 10pm yesterday and i’d been trying to get a quick video together all day with not much luck until now! So here it is, in my 10pm thoughts :). I thought I’d introduce and give you a quick demo on the new Kirarina pens that have become available on the Australian market. They are made by Copic and are popular amongst the Japanese girls for writing and doodling. I’ve been playing with them for a week or so now and really loving them! The 2win marker is a perfect fit for planner addicts as they don’t bleed through thin paper (eeeek i hear you say! Love Love Love that!). The other things I love about the markers is they smell nice…yes I wish you could smell the berry and the melon YUM!. They also have a highlighter as well as writing pen! Even better the highlighter is lighter than the writing side!.

The Wink is a lovely pen as well…writes great on photos (forgot to mention that in video) and doodles/writes lovely on black card stock, with plenty of shades to choose from! made by Copic means these products are acid free which we all love being scrapbookers/planners/cardmakers! So take a look at my video and see the markers for yourself (please excuse the thread jar and box on the left..I must get a proper stand :)) If you have any questions please feel free to comment and I will attempt to answer them!



You can find the Kirarina Markers in my store HERE