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Quick and Easy Stationery Set

Today I have a quick little project to share with you! Tomorrow we are having a fundraising night at the local school my boys attend, and it was asked if local business could contribute for a raffle..of course I said yes..not realising what little time I had! So I got stuck into a quick and easy stationery set.

Stationery Set

This is the quickest and easiest project ever!

To Make it you will need a piece of boxboard about 600 – 1200 um. Cut to the size you want…for this project mine was about 10.5 x 4…When you cut it measure your cards and envelopes you want to use and make it fraction bigger (i was originally going to go for a 6×4 card but changed my mind after i made the cover 🙂 leaving about an inch around the outside (so add on 1″ in both directions)..You will also want to leave an extra 1/2″ on the longer side for the middle fold. (and don’t forget to double the horizontal side so you can make the cover :)). Score your 2 lines 1/2″ apart in middle using your scor board (or whatever method you use to score)

Next I found some patterned paper in my stash..It is an OLD 3 bugs in a rug paper collection..I wanted basic and birthday theme and this matched perfect. I then measured my paper I chose for the cover and added on 1/2″ on each side so i could cover the edges neatly. I scored the paper 1/2 inch from each side and again measured the 2 lines at 1/2″ in the middle.

Next step is to cover the box board with your patterned paper. I used x press it tape to stick it but you can use glue.

Next is to cover the inside. I used a co ordinating colour and measured the paper out with 1/2″ less than the box board I cut out on all sides (so 1 inch less each side altogether). Measured with the scor board  1/2″ lines in middle. I stuck that with tape to the centre. (before doing that I added some photo corners, but you don’t need to)Decorate the front as you see could add perhaps a ribbon or twine to keep it closed as well if you like…

I then took my cards and decorated them very simply with a stamped “happy birthday” and some Doodlebug Glitter sprinkles.I made 5 for this set.

Next I measured a piece of matching Kaisercraft cardstock about 2/12″ wide and 8″ long to fit around my envelopes and cards. I placed the cards in the middle of the strip and measured where the sides ended and scored 2 lines 1/4″ apart so the cards would fit in nicely. I then stuck the two outside sections onto the inside of the chipboard covered section so I would be able to fit the cards in. I repeated using the same method for the envelopes, only scoring 2 lines on either side about 1/8 apart. I then added some Doodlebug Washi Tape along the card stock to decorate!

Bingo! A cute little stationery set for our raffle! You may also like to add a pen inside as well down the middle, and you can use any theme you like for your cards. It would make a great gift for anyone!


I hope you enjoyed my project today!!