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Quick and Easy Stationery Set

Quick and Easy Stationery Set

A quick little project to share with you! A quick and easy stationery Set! Our local school, that my boys attend are having a fundraising night tomorrow. They wanted local business’ to contribute for a raffle. Realising I was short on time I got stuck into a quick and easy stationery set.

Stationery Set

This is the quickest and easiest project ever!

Quick and Easy Stationery Set Tutorial

Firstly you will need a piece of boxboard about 600 – 1200 um. Cut it to the size you want. This Set I cut the box board 10.5 inches x 4 inches. When you cut it measure your cards and envelopes you want to use and make it fraction bigger.I was originally going to go for a 6×4 card but changed my mind after i made the cover.

Leaving about an inch around the outside so your cards and envelopes don’t stick out. You will also want to leave an extra 1/2 inch on the longer side for the middle fold. Don’t forget to double the horizontal or long side so you can make the cover. Score your 2 lines 1/2 inch apart in middle using your scor board.

Next I found some patterned paper in my stash. It is an old 3 bugs in a rug paper collection. I wanted basic and birthday theme and this matched perfect. I then measured my paper I chose for the cover and added on 1/2 inch on each side so i could cover the edges neatly. I scored the paper 1/2 inch from each side and again measured the 2 lines at 1/2 inch in the middle.

Next step is to cover the box board with your patterned paper. I used x press it tape to stick it but you can use glue.

Cover the Inside

Next is to cover the inside. I used a co ordinating colour and measured the paper out with 1/2″ less than the box board I cut out on all sides (so 1 inch less each side altogether). Measured with the scor board  1/2″ lines in middle. I stuck that with tape to the centre. (before doing that I added some photo corners, but you don’t need to)Decorate the front as you see could add perhaps a ribbon or twine to keep it closed as well if you like.

Decorate the Cards

I then took my cards and decorated them very simply with a stamped “happy birthday” and some Doodlebug Glitter sprinkles.I made 5 for this set.

Next I measured a piece of matching Kaisercraft cardstock about 2/12″ wide and 8″ long to fit around my envelopes and cards. I placed the cards in the middle of the strip and measured where the sides ended and scored 2 lines 1/4″ apart so the cards would fit in nicely. I then stuck the two outside sections onto the inside of the chipboard covered section so I would be able to fit the cards in. I repeated using the same method for the envelopes, only scoring 2 lines on either side about 1/8 apart. I then added some Doodlebug Washi Tape along the card stock to decorate!

Bingo! A cute little stationery set for our raffle! You may also like to add a pen inside as well down the middle, and you can use any theme you like for your cards. It would make a great gift for anyone!


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DIY Tea Bag Holder

DIY Teabag holder

DIY Tea Bag Holder

This DIY Tea Bag Holder was originally made for the re opening of the Sweet Stamp Shop (now a discontinued brand in the USA) .

Using the Silhouette Cameo

One of my absolute favourite scrapbooking tools to use is my Silhouette Cameo. If you don’t know what a Silhouette Cameo is, it is an electronic cutting machine. This machine seems to have no limits. It will cut different scrapbooking supplies like card stock, vinyl, material, cork and foam. Depending on which machine you have (there is currently 5) will depend on what supplies you can cut.

I have the original 1 and 2 Silhouette Cameos and for what it is worth, they are still going strong 10 years later. The originals cut basic supplies like card stock, material and vinyl.

If you are looking for more information on the silhouette cameo you can head to Silhouette School and Silhouette America. While i don’t stock the actual machines, you can find basic tools and mats for the Silhouette Cameo in the online store here.

The Project

I found this cute tea holder dispenser by snapdragon snippets in the Silhouette Studio Design store . For information on the holder and a tutorial to follow see the website here. The aim of the project was to showcase the latest clear stamp set by Sweet Stamp Shop. The tea cup and sugar bowl were perfect!. I found some Kaisercraft pattern papers in my scrapbooking supplies stash to finish the holder. You can adhere whatever papers you like. This project would make a great Mother’s Day gift or Christmas Gift. Add some of their favourite tea bags to finish off the gift.