Doodlebug Design Square Card

Day 4 brings Doodlebug Design Square Cards. I don’t make cards square often as they don’t fit in the dimensions of normal Australian Post letters. Which means it costs more to post. Square cards do offer a bigger surface area to fit embellishments and paper onto, but sometimes less is more. Taking inspiration from 2 card designs that were normal size I changed them to fit them into a square. Here are todays designs.

Doodlebug Design Square Cards

The cards are 14x14cm in size (5 1/2 inches for any one who works with inches). The cards  are simple and bright with the 6×6 paper pads and die cut odds & Ends and Chit Chat packs on show. I found some cute acetate shapes in the Odd & Ends which i added to one of the cards. I like the acetate shapes as they add something different as well as a shine to cards. To adhere them, use some clear glue like Helmer 450 or stick the foam tape behind the coloured section to hide it.

Here are the square cards i made. I accidentally made 2 from the Doodlebug Design Hey Cupcake Collection so you have three cards today using inspiration from my card designs.

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Did you enjoy my card inspiration today? Are you inspired to make a card or two using my designs? Download the Card Design sets (there is three of them) for FREE! Share on Facebook or instagram and tag me so i can see your creations! Also give this post a little love by leaving a comment so i know you’ve been!





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