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Cocoa Vanilla Studio

Cocoa Vanilla Studio

Hello all my crafting peeps! It’s been a while since i’ve done a blog so I thought I’d try again in 2018! Each Month i’m hoping to focus on a new product or brand that has come into my store or has been there for a while.(sometimes we forget how awesome it is!). Cocoa Vanilla Studio has just arrived so I figured that this was a great option to start with for the month of March.

For those who don’t know much about Cocoa Vanilla Studio, it is an Australian brand (and I do love supporting fellow Aussies) designed by Zoe Pearn in NSW. Although the products are made in China (to keep costs down) I think Zoe’s products are high in quality and the paper is lovely and thick (similar to Simple Stories and Echo Park). Her collections include, but not limited to paper, Die Cuts, Stickers and those cute little enamel dots/shapes which are hard to pass up on!!

For those who may not know me I have 2 boys 10 and 7 so when i saw You Rock I immediately had to order it as I knew i would love crafting with this collection. So today I have made 5 cards using the You Rock Collection. When i ordered there were also die cuts from two previous collections, Made of Awesome and Totally Rad. What i totally saw and loved is the die cuts would match with the current collection. Just like Doodlebug Designs its great to see a brand that is easy adaptable and can be used over a number of collections without putting too much stress on trying to match the colours.

So using the 12×12 You Rock Collection Kit and the Totally Rad die cuts, i’ve put together 5 cards. (More will be coming through the month of March so stay tuned)

Ive also added in some buttons, coloured twine and some mists to make these cards come alive!

When I make my cards I like to have an idea of where my card is going to end up. From there i can create with what i have got.  One of my favourite ways is to use Card Maps. Beck Fleck is one of my all time favourites. I used her January 2018 card maps. You can find them HERE . This is a great way to speed up the card making process and spend less time moving embellishments and paper around not knowing really what the final card will look like. Some times I also like to sketch my own out as well. You can find my first card maps HERE to download for free.

Next i spread out my papers and embellishments and simply cut and paste away! This collection is all about bright, fun and funky and for those who know me that is totally my style! Adding foam tape and buttons gives the cards added dimension.

My next creative task is to create some cards using the same You Rock Papers, but changing the die cuts to Made by Awesome so you can see how easy it is to mix and match the Cocoa Vanilla Studio collections.

If you’ve enjoyed this blog today please leave some love! I’m also open to ideas on what you’d like to see more of…maybe a step by step project, more 3D cards or something else that will inspire you to craft!

Below is a list of Products with links of what i used on my cards:

Cocoa Vanilla Studio You Rock 12×12 Collection Kit

Cocoa Vanilla Studio Totally Rad Die Cuts

Little Birdie Lime Splash and Ocean Mist Mists

Craft Buttons Green and Orange

Green Tara Paper Twine Lime Green and Orange

Couture Creations 12mm Foam Tape

Couture Creations 12mm Double Sided Tape

Happy Crafting

Kerry xx



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Doodlebug Design Milk & Cookies

Doodlebug Design Milk & Cookies

Happy weekend peeps! I can not believe how long it is since I've used this blog! This is my goal from now on to bring you 2 blogs a month (maybe more if i find the time but it's a start right!).

Some of you may or may not have watched my Live facebook video a while ago on the new Doodlebug Design Christmas range for 2017 Milk and Cookies. If you didn't and would like to you can find it here.(be aware its about an hour but I'm sure you can skip some things)

In this video I promised that I would post my finished cards that I based around the simple card maps I had drawn for myself. 

So here goes... A list of the products used will be at the end of this post and linked to my website so you can go shopping if you like what you see!


As you can see I like to keep my cards clean and simple, with not much fuss, adding a few embellishments. My favourite embellishments to use are buttons, sequins, epoxy dots and paper string.  

Giving myself card maps helps me to establish boundaries and allows me to create quickly without having to think to much. This is great when you need to make cards to sell or have limited time on your hands.

Now for the goodies I used.... 

Doodlebug Design Milk & Cookies 6x6 Paper Pad

Doodlebug Design Milk & Cookies odds and ends

Doodlebug Design Peppermint Twist Washi Tape

Doodlebug Design Milk & Cookies Sprinkles

Doodlebug Design Milk & Cookies Glitter Sprinkles

Doodlebug Design Santas Sweets Washi Tape

Doodlebug Design Milk & Cookies Washi Tape

Doodlebug Design Sugarplum Sprinkles

Green Tara Paper String

The Buttons and sequins used were in my personal stash but watch out as i will be adding these items soon to my store!

Last but not least I know you all like a FREEBIE. The Card Maps I have used are all on a page for you to use when making cards. Please don't copy the page for others but share the link to the page to spread the love. You can find the card map page HERE.

Have fun creating


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Chameleon Art Pens A Review

Chameleon Art Pens A Review

Chameleon Art Pens A Review.

Last week I got my first order of Chameleon Pens into the store, so I though I’d give you a little insight as to what I think about the pens..both the Pro’s and Con’s of course!

I have been a Copic lover for around 3 years now and absolutely love using them! The Chameleon pens are probably the closest I have come across to being like a Copic Marker…however it does not replace the Copic!.

I love the Chameleon pens for their juicy nibs, the brush tip is more like a paint brush and the nibs seem to let quite a bit of ink out which makes it feel like you are painting rather than colouring. The other feature I love is that it comes with a bullet and brush nib..not like the Copic that has the chisel end! (I never use that end!). Having the bullet tip means you can work in small areas easier and it writes really nice.

Like the Copic Marker the nibs and inks are replaceable and in terms of cost, pretty well much of a muchness.

I like the fact you can get several shades from the one Chameleon pen, making blending really easy from light to dark.

Thinking about being a first timer wanting to try out alcohol markers, I actually think I would have gone for the Chameleon pens if they were around…..why you ask? The outlay is less. It is $150 for 20 pens and a blender and detail pen…making one pen approx $7 worth. This pen gives you approx 10 different colour shades in the one pen, because of the use of it’s own blender attached to the pen. So in Copic language I would need approx 3-4 Copic markers (maybe more) to get the same effect the Chameleon pen does. A Copic is approx RRP $9 for a that means you would have to pay somewhere near $30-$40 for the entire blending colour range of 1 $7 Chameleon Pen.

Chameleons are a much more affordable way if you are not sure about getting in to alcohol markers. (plus you can buy Chameleon’s as singles and smaller packs)

The instructions and information that come in the 22 Set and on the Chameleon website is an awesome resource, giving you lots of inspiration and ideas on how to use your pens! The instructional videos are clear and well thought out to guide you through how to colour with the pens.

Now to some Con’s…I don’t like the fact that there is only 2o colours (hopefully they will come out with some more) seems a little limited…but in saying that the colours given are a great variety of bright and basic colours (which is great for a beginner). You can also layer the colours on top of each other to get new colours which also gives some interesting effects and new colours.

You can’t FULLY control the blending shade….It has taken a bit of practice to work out how long to fuse the marker with the blender to get the same shade.

It also is a little time consuming…usually I would have 3 Copic markers open in my hand that i can swap. With the fuse system waiting for 15-20 secs (sometimes longer and sometimes shorter) seems to take forever.

Using the markers is pretty straight forward, and I certainly will be using mine. In particular when travelling in the car (my hubby hates me taking Copics with me as i need so many!). The Chameleon Pen will certainly stop my colouring in cravings while i am away! As a beginner, this is a great way to start, to see if you like using them…If you do you can always invest in Copics later, and the best thing is the Chameleon Pens are designed to blend with any alcohol marker which means they won’t go to waste!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my review on these pens!

P.S A few days later i did a live broadcast on Periscope using these colour tone pens…you can check the video out on You Tube!







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Quick and Easy Stationery Set

Today I have a quick little project to share with you! Tomorrow we are having a fundraising night at the local school my boys attend, and it was asked if local business could contribute for a raffle..of course I said yes..not realising what little time I had! So I got stuck into a quick and easy stationery set.

Stationery Set

This is the quickest and easiest project ever!

To Make it you will need a piece of boxboard about 600 – 1200 um. Cut to the size you want…for this project mine was about 10.5 x 4…When you cut it measure your cards and envelopes you want to use and make it fraction bigger (i was originally going to go for a 6×4 card but changed my mind after i made the cover 🙂 leaving about an inch around the outside (so add on 1″ in both directions)..You will also want to leave an extra 1/2″ on the longer side for the middle fold. (and don’t forget to double the horizontal side so you can make the cover :)). Score your 2 lines 1/2″ apart in middle using your scor board (or whatever method you use to score)

Next I found some patterned paper in my stash..It is an OLD 3 bugs in a rug paper collection..I wanted basic and birthday theme and this matched perfect. I then measured my paper I chose for the cover and added on 1/2″ on each side so i could cover the edges neatly. I scored the paper 1/2 inch from each side and again measured the 2 lines at 1/2″ in the middle.

Next step is to cover the box board with your patterned paper. I used x press it tape to stick it but you can use glue.

Next is to cover the inside. I used a co ordinating colour and measured the paper out with 1/2″ less than the box board I cut out on all sides (so 1 inch less each side altogether). Measured with the scor board  1/2″ lines in middle. I stuck that with tape to the centre. (before doing that I added some photo corners, but you don’t need to)Decorate the front as you see could add perhaps a ribbon or twine to keep it closed as well if you like…

I then took my cards and decorated them very simply with a stamped “happy birthday” and some Doodlebug Glitter sprinkles.I made 5 for this set.

Next I measured a piece of matching Kaisercraft cardstock about 2/12″ wide and 8″ long to fit around my envelopes and cards. I placed the cards in the middle of the strip and measured where the sides ended and scored 2 lines 1/4″ apart so the cards would fit in nicely. I then stuck the two outside sections onto the inside of the chipboard covered section so I would be able to fit the cards in. I repeated using the same method for the envelopes, only scoring 2 lines on either side about 1/8 apart. I then added some Doodlebug Washi Tape along the card stock to decorate!

Bingo! A cute little stationery set for our raffle! You may also like to add a pen inside as well down the middle, and you can use any theme you like for your cards. It would make a great gift for anyone!


I hope you enjoyed my project today!!


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Kirarina 2win and Wink Markers – a quick look

It was about 10pm yesterday and i’d been trying to get a quick video together all day with not much luck until now! So here it is, in my 10pm thoughts :). I thought I’d introduce and give you a quick demo on the new Kirarina pens that have become available on the Australian market. They are made by Copic and are popular amongst the Japanese girls for writing and doodling. I’ve been playing with them for a week or so now and really loving them! The 2win marker is a perfect fit for planner addicts as they don’t bleed through thin paper (eeeek i hear you say! Love Love Love that!). The other things I love about the markers is they smell nice…yes I wish you could smell the berry and the melon YUM!. They also have a highlighter as well as writing pen! Even better the highlighter is lighter than the writing side!.

The Wink is a lovely pen as well…writes great on photos (forgot to mention that in video) and doodles/writes lovely on black card stock, with plenty of shades to choose from! made by Copic means these products are acid free which we all love being scrapbookers/planners/cardmakers! So take a look at my video and see the markers for yourself (please excuse the thread jar and box on the left..I must get a proper stand :)) If you have any questions please feel free to comment and I will attempt to answer them!


You can find the Kirarina Markers in my store HERE




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Shaker Card Fun with Sweet Stamp Shop and Doodlebug

Shaker Card Fun with Sweet Stamp Shop and Doodlebug

Shaker Card Fun with Sweet Stamp Shop and Doodlebug

Lest we forget on this ANZAC DAY 2015…..Hubby and my eldest attended an ANZAC day service in our local town while I stayed at home snuggled in bed with my youngest. It’s so cold here at the moment and it’s not even winter yet! I had to get into my craft room and put some brightness back into my day! I knew exactly what i wanted to use and that was the new Doodlebug Design Collection Sunkissed. I love this collection for all it’s summer time themes and the colours are so bright and cheerful! I thought I’d make some Shaker Cards to add to the fun..Shaker cards are a lot of fun to make and add something unique to the front of a card or a project life page.

For the first card, I used the Sweet Stamp shop Beach Bum Stamp Set and stamped lots of the beach balls and sand buckets and spades, and a sandcastle onto X press it Blending card and coloured in with my Copics. I then cut a template for the stripes from a scrap piece of card stock, traced and then cut again using the stripes paper from the 6×6 Sunkissed paper pad. Next I adhered some acetate to the back of the paper, placed some foam tape around the edges of the template so the sandcastle, beach balls and buckets didn’t fall out when i placed them into each open stripe. I finished the card off by sticking the small polka dot paper onto the tape to hold the bits and pieces in and matted using the blue paper. I added some Enamel dots, paper twine and a stamp to finish it off.

Sweet Stamp Shop Shaker Card
Sweet Stamp Shop Shaker Card

So much fun seeing the balls and the buckets sliding around when you shake the card!

The next card I made I used some Nesting Circles and scollop circles to cut out my circles and scolloped border. Using the same technique of acetate, foam tape and some card stock on the back, I added some colourful sequins to the middle. Finishing the card with a Sunshine from the Sunkissed icons Sticker sheet, a few enamel dots and the same stamp. I love the noise this makes when you shake it around!


I have started working on some project Life pages as well Using the Sunkissed Collection, which i hope i can share with you soon! Below is a list of all the things i used to make my cards. Click on the time to find it in my store!

Doodlebug Designs 6×6 paper Pad – Sunkissed

Doodlebug Designs icon Stickers – Sunkissed

Doodlebug Designs Glitter Sprinkles – Sunkissed

X Press it Foam Tape

Sizzix Happy Birthday stamp

Sweet Stamp Shop Beach Bum (discontinued and one left! be quick!)

Sequins (red, orange, yellow, green)

Acetate (Link coming soon)

Copic markers (Link Coming soon)

Paper Twine (Link coming soon)

Thanks for stopping by today and checking out my project! Leave a little love below and I’d love to see your shaker cards! Post them on Instagram and  tag me in your post, or share them on my Facebook page for me to see and i will share your card!

Kerry xx



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Kaisercraft Shine Bright Mini Album

I wanted to share a project I have been working on for about 8 weeks now. I used the kaisercraft Shine Bright Collection. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to work with it but couldn’t see it fitting in with my Project life nor cards so I decided to make a mini album.

I would love to claim the design of the album as mine (its way too cute!) but it’s not. I found the album in this e-book by Annies Craft Store HERE. (I’ve got some her others and i LOVE them!)

I used the Shine Bright 61/2″ Paper pad, matching collectables, captured moment cards, epoxy dots and paper tape (I’ve listed and linked them all at the bottom if you want to purchase or look further).  I made the album to the design from Kaisercraft Licorice card stock and then cut and glued the paper and embellishments over. Next time I make an album I’ll change it a little now I’ve made the original to make it a little more my own design.

Here are some pictures of the final album, finished. Just need to find some photos now to put into it 🙂

Kaisercraft Shine Bright Album
Kaisercraft Shine Bright Album
Kaisercraft Shine Bright Album 2
Kaisercraft Shine Bright Album 2


I thought it was a bit hard to explain in photo form the album in great detail so I made a video as well, which you can watch.

I hope you enjoyed this project and it inspires you to make a mini album! I love making them!

Please leave a comment below and share the love! If you want to follow my blog and make sure you get every project/post then make sure you joint via email…You’ll find the link <<<<<<< on the shop page 🙂

List of Products used – Click on the product to view/purchase it

Kaisercraft Licorice card stock

Kaisercraft Shine Bright 61/2″ Paper Pad

Kaisercraft Let it Shine 6×4″ Captured Moment Cards and 3×4″ Captured Moment Cards

Kaisercraft Epoxy Stickers – Monochrome

Kaisercraft Printed tape – Black Arrow

various Silhouette Cameo designs from the Silhouette Online Store (but if you don’t have one you don’t really need them)

You could also use Kaisercraft Pocket Stickers as well.

Kerry xx

Kerry's Crafty Cards and Cuts

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Sweet Stamp Shop Grand Re Opening Showcase

sweet stamp shop


Hello my Sweet Friends!

Thanks so much for dropping past! I am such a huge Aussie fan of Sweet Stamp Shop Stamps and have been supporting the company since almost the beginning! I am so excited to be apart of the Re-Opening Design showcase of their new release for April and their new website! Please checkout the other designers that were involved and the new website HERE! I decided to give my Silhouette Cameo a cut and made this cute little tea dispenser!



If you’d like to see more of my work and keep in touch with the latest products from Sweet Stamp Shop be sure to check out and become a fan of my Facebook page HERE , and subscribe to my blog via email!

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Welcome to the New World of Kerry’s Crafty Cards and Cuts

Welcome to the new look Kerry’s Crafty Cards and Cuts. The new website is a work in progress still BUT i’m so happy to have a fresh and clean start after 3 years! Please make sure you sign up to receive my blog posts via email if you wish to stay in touch! Check out the new store look and please Share, share, share to all your friends! I am always open to suggestions of things (tutorials, ideas, products) you’d like to see on the blog so please feel free to comment!

So glad you stopped by and have taken a look 🙂