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Doodlebug Design Gift Tags

Doodlebug Design Gift Tags

Doodlebug Design Gift Tags

Day Three of inspiration and showing off some Doodlebug Design Gift Tags. Cards don't always have to be the standard A6 size, they can come in different shapes and sizes. Today I thought i would share with you how you can turn my card designs into gift cards. Here are the card designs i used for the inspiration today.

Card Designs Day 3

These gift tags are approximately 3x4" in size. I simply cut a A6 card base in half and then folded each piece to create 4 gift tags. The thing I love about gift tags is that they are small enough to use up the scraps of your 6x6 paper pad once you have finished making a heap of cards. Even better those last odds & Ends and Chit Chat Card stock die cuts can be used up as well. You only need to add one or two and can cut them to size to fit the gift tag.

You will notice when i share the gift tags that i have slightly changed the design - a square becomes a circle and a straight strip gets turned into a banner. Thats the beauty of the card designs, they are there to help you start your creativity!

So here are my gift tags using Doodlebug Design Hey Cupcake and Party Time Collections.

Doodlebug Design Hey Cupcake Gift Tags
Doodlebug Design Party Time Gift Card

Did you enjoy my card inspiration today? Are you inspired to make a card or two using my designs? Download the Card Design sets (there is three of them) for FREE! Share on Facebook or instagram and tag me so i can see your creations! Also give this post a little love by leaving a comment so i know you’ve been!

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Doodlebug Design Shaker Cards

Doodlebug Design Shaker Cards

Doodlebug Design Shaker Cards

Shaker Cards are so much fun, and especially Doodlebug Design shaker cards. Day 2  of my Card designs inspiration using Doodlebug Design Hey Cupcake and Party Time collection. I decided to show you how versatile the card designs really are. You can keep them simple or bling them up. I used 2 of the designs and changed some elements into Shakers. Everyone loves to shake something and watch the sequins and glitter move around.

Doodlebug Design Shaker Cards


Card Design Two

Let’s begin with Card design two. For this Card I used the Doodlebug Design Hey Cupcake collection. Using the 6×6 Paper pad and elements from the Odd’s & Ends and Chit Chat packs to create the card. I used the centre element section and turned it into a shaker.

To make the shaker I cut a square piece of Kaisercraft card stock and a piece of pattern 6×6 paper pad. Using double sided tape I attached these together. I then used my Sizzix Big Shot and a nesting circle to die cut an appropriate sized circle. The next step I used some white foam and cut 2 more circles using the same nesting circle and cut down to hide behind the card stock. Using some acetate I cut that to size and then assembled like this:

  1. Attach the acetate behind the card stock and pattern paper and flip over
  2. Using Helmer 450 Glue i attached the 2 foam pieces to line up with the circle, and let it dry.
  3. I then piled a heap of different sprinkles and sequins in the appropriate place on the card base
  4. Attached the foam shaker top to the card base over the sequins and glued with Helmer 450. Make sure you let it dry before shaking otherwise the sequins will stick!

I then finished the card off with a Hip Hip Hooray sentiment from the chit chat pack, a cupcake and banner from Odds and ends. Adding a couple of pink Doodlebug Design Sprinkles to finish.

Doodlebug Design Hey Cupcake Shaker Card

Card Design 3

For this card i got a little more creative and used the element in the bottom left corner as my shaker. Everyone loves a cupcake and adding  Little Birdie Sprinkles made it look like the sprinkles on the cupcake!. To make the cupcake i used a similar technique as above, but used my silhouette America Cameo to cut the cupcake. I then cut one piece of foam using a Craft knife to make a hole and cut to hide behind the cupcake shape. Adding a banner and circle die cut with various pattern papers from the Doodlebug Design Party Time 6×6 Paper Pad.

Doodlebug Design Party Time shaker card

Did you enjoy my card inspiration today? Are you inspired to make a card or two using my designs? Download the Card Design sets (there is three of them) for FREE! Share on Facebook or instagram and tag me so i can see your creations! Also give this post a little love by leaving a comment so i know you’ve been!


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Doodlebug Design Birthday Cards Day One

Kerry's Crafty Cards and Cuts Card Designs

Doodlebug Design Birthday Cards Day One

Doodlebug Design Hey Cupcake and Party Time Birthday Cards Day One. Todays share i kept to the card designs I chose. Here are the designs i used from the two sets.

Kerry's Crafty Cards and Cuts Card Designs


Doodlebug Design Hey Cupcake Card

Using the Hey Cupcake Collection and a design from the 3rd set i chose to use a cute Lama I found in the Odds & Ends. Lamas seem to be the thing now for girls and this one with the cat on top was totally adorable. The Card stock cut out was in fact one cutout with the Lama and Cat but i wanted to add some dimension to the card. I cut around the lama and cat to separated the two. Then using one of my favourite simple techniques to make my cards pop i added some 3D Double Sided Foam Tape to the Lama. The Chit Chat card stock pack has lots of cute and practical sayings to match the collection, so i chose Let’s Celebrate as an appropriate title to use. Lastly adding some acute dots from the Odds & Ends and some Glitter Sprinkles.

Doodlebug Design Hey Cupcake Birthday Cards


Doodlebug Design Party Time Card

Cute monkeys are the feature of this card…how adorable are they! I think monkeys would be one of my favourite animals to use on handmade baby boy and toddler birthday cards. Cheeky maybe like most young boys?. The Doodlebug Design 6×6 paper pads are a perfect way to make cards. 12 different designs (2 per pad) of double sided paper makes it hard to choose what to use! The thing i love about the 6×6 paper pads is the small designs that make it easy to see what each is when cut and placed on a card. I like to try and match my paper with my odds & ends to have a card theme. This one i obviously chose the cute monkey and balloon paper and some party hats to complement. I also love the fact that some of the designs are plain colours so there is no need to go looking for plain coloured card stock to match the card. 

Doodlebug Design Party Time Birthday Card


I hope you enjoyed my card inspiration today. Are you inspired to make a card or two using my designs? Download the Card Design sets (there is three of them) for FREE! Share on Facebook or instagram and tag me so i can see your creations!

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Doodlebug Design Hey Cupcake and Party Time

Doodlebug Design Hey Cupcake and Party Time

Doodlebug Design Hey Cupcake and Party Time 

Doodlebug Design Hey Cupcake and Party Time Collection

Needing some card making inspiration? or Are you a beginner not knowing where to start with designs? Over the next week I have decided to share some inspiration with you using the latest Doodlebug Design Hey Cupcake and Party Time Collections. Both these cute collections are perfect for using for children’s birthday cards and scrapbooking layouts.

As always Doodlebug Design delivers on their bright and colourful and awesomely cute designs. Lamas, cakes, ice creams, Cats and cute girls form part if the Hey Cupcake collection. The Party Time collection ideally with boys in mind has dogs, elephants, monkeys, cakes and gifts as part of the collection. Both contain acetate shapes as well as card stock shapes

I love to team up the 6×6 Doodlebug Design paper pads with the odds & Ends and Chit Chat, adding sprinkles, buttons and other embellishments i can find in my ever growing card stash.

Where do I start?

Starting can be hard sometimes especially if you have a “creative block” so i have developed my own quick, simple and easy card designs to help start the creativity. These card designs are designed to be followed as is, or get more creative with them by swapping shapes and designs. It is a starting point only to create your own card making masterpiece.

You can find 3 Card Design sheets for FREE to download here.

You can find the Party time collection here. The Hey Cupcake collection is here.

So come and join the fun this week starting with Day one on Tuesday and gather some inspiration. I will be sharing a design from each of the card design sets and both collections.

Be sure to follow my facebook page and Instagram page for more inspiration. Use any of my card designs?. Tag me on Facebook and Instagram as i love seeing your creations as well!


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Paper Pad Card Box

Paper Pad Card Box 

Let’s create a Paper Pad Card Box!

Are you like me and have a billion half used or even full paper pads in your card making stash that need using up? Most of mine don’t have matching die cuts either. Well here is one great way of using up of all those 6×6 paper pads (or 6 1/2″ pads in the case of Kaisercraft) you have lying around.

For this tutorial I have created a cute Card Box that fits 5 C4 cards and envelopes. It is a great gift to give to someone who loves stationary so they always have a card on hand for any occasion.

 You will need

You’ll need some basic items to create this :

A 6×6 Paper Pad (used or unused)

Embellishments at hand ie stamps, die cuts (if you have any)

Card stock – a base colour 12″ x 11 1/4″ and coloured scraps that match your paper pad

Ribbon – enough to tie a nice bow

Double sided tape/Glue

Score board &  Paper Creaser


Let’s Start Creating your Card Box

Place your 12 x 11 1/4″ piece of card stock on your score board so that the long side (12″) is at the top. For my project i used Kaisercraft Snow Weave card stock but you can use anything you like.

From the left side score your card stock at 21/4″,23/4″,91/4″ and 93/4″

Rotate your card stock so the 111/4″ side is at the top and score at 3″, 31/2″, 81/4″ and 8 3/4″

Next take your scissors and cut the shaded areas as seen in the picture below.

Cut the squares in each corner diagonally and then cut the triangle on the longest side out to create tabs for the box to sit nicely.

You can round off your long edges with a corner punch or leave straight. The edge that is 21/2″ is the top flap of the box.

Punch holes 1 cm from the top at 2 3/4″ and 3 3/4″ for your Ribbon to secure the box together

Decorating Time

You can now have some fun and decorate your box however you like. I kept mine simple adding plain pink card stock I had in my scraps and a sheet of 6×6 pattern paper from the Echo Park Beautiful Life Paper pad. Adding a sentiment cut as well.

Next you can create your cards, try to keep them relatively flat and simple so you can get all 5 into the box, otherwise you can do ones with flowers etc and may only add 2 or 3. I went simple and used various papers in my paper pad and attached a thank you sentiment cut to each.

Finish off your Card Box and Handmade Card Set

To finish simply get a piece of Ribbon and starting from the inside of the botton tab of the box thread thorough each hole. Fold in the flaps at the side and then through the top holes from the bottom. Tie into a box to secure your box together.

The great thing about these is you can make an entire stack of them and then put together as you wish. If you enjoyed this tutorial show it some love by sharing to others. Tag @kerry_cards on Instagram or @kerryscraftycardsandcuts on facebook with what you have made!

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Pop Up Box Card Tutorial

Pop up box Card

Pop Up Box Card Tutorial

I’d like to share with you all a  Pop Up Box Card Tutorial you can make for any occasion. I was inspired by Lori Whitlock’s pop up box cards that can be cut on the Silhouette Cameo. Not all of us has one of those fancy machines (even though i have 2) and so i had a go at making one using my Kaisercraft Paper trimmer, Kaisercraft Paper Creaser, Kaisercraft Cardstock and the Doodlebug Design Dragon tails 6×6 Paper Pad and Doodlebug Design Dragon Tails Odds and Ends.

Once i’d worked out the measurements these can be put together in a matter of minutes.

Let’s Begin With Your Base

1) Firstly you’ll need a square base. Doesn’t matter about the size but i used a pre bought one that measures 5 1/2 inches (14cm).

Start with your card base for this pop up box card Tutorial
Start with your card base.

2) Next gather your paper trimmer, Paper creaser, card stock, pattern paper and any die cuts and embellishments you’d like to use. Anything goes from buttons, sequins, die cuts, ribbon and stamps. You’ll need some 3D foam tape, Double sided tape and glue of your choice (I use Helmers 450 quick dry).

3) Take you card base and if not already score in half so you have a single folded card. Lay this flat with inside facing up. Score the left hand side in half (I scored it at 2 3/4″ or 7cm). Fold the card in half and then fold the first section back on the second to create your folded card base. Set that aside.

Score your card to start your pop up box card
Score your card

Find Your Card Stock

4) Next is your colour card stock. Cut a piece that is the length of your open card base (11 inches or 28 cm for my card) by 1 1/2 inches. You may want to make it 1 inch if your square is less, but you can decide what looks right. Score in the middle (5 1/2″) and then lay flat and score the right side in half (2 3/4 inches).

5) Using your colour card stock again cut 2 strips 1/2 inch (2cm) by 1 inch more than the size of your 1/2 scored card. In the case of my card it was 3 3/4 inches x 1/2 inch. Score this strip 1/2 inch at each end. Fold both in the same direction to crease. Set aside.

Cut your Strips for your pop up box card
Cut your Strips

6) Next using your pattern paper you will need to cut 3 pieces out. For my card i chose 2 different patterns but you can choose 1.2 or 3. Cut one piece 1/4 inch less than your base square. So mine was 5 1/4 inches x 5 1/4 inches. Cut two pieces 1/4 inch less than half your main base. In this case 2 1/4 inches by 5 1/4 inches.

Cut your pattern Paper

Time to Construct

7) Now for the fun part! Construction Time. Using double sided tape, tape the 2 smaller pattern papers on the 2 smaller panels on the left hand side of your card. Tape the larger piece of pattern paper on the right.

8) Stick your larger piece of card stock about 1 cm up from the bottom so that the longer part is on the left and 2 smaller parts are on the right. Only place tap on the first 1/2 section and the last 1/2 so the crease in the middle sticks out.

Place your strip at the bottom

9) Lastly take your two small strips and use glue as this is more secure. Glue the 1/4 inch tabs to the second small panel and the first 1/2 smaller card stock section that is sticking out. Place one strip towards the front and the other towards back.

Add your small strips

Now to Decorate

10) Now it’s time to decorate your card. Using the embellishments you have chosen make your card as basic or as sparkly as you like! Place die cuts at different levels on the smaller strips in the square to make the card pop out and look 3D when its opened. The receiving person is sure to love your final card creation.

Pop up box Card
Pop up box Card

Did you make a card using my Pop up box tutorial ? I’d love to see what you made! Post on instagram and share the love by tagging me @kerry_cards in your post.

Here is another one I made for a little girls birthday who of course loves Unicorns and rainbows!

Unicorn Pop up Birthday Card
Unicorn Birthday Card

If you have enjoyed this tutorial please like and share!

Happy crafting until next time

Kerry X

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Cocoa Vanilla Studio Card Making with You Rock Collection

Cocoa Vanilla Studio Card Making with You Rock Collection

Cocoa Vanilla Studio Card Making with You Rock Collection

Let’s create with Cocoa Vanilla Studio Card Making with You Rock Collection.

Who is behind Cocoa Vanilla Studio

First of all, for those who don’t know much about Cocoa Vanilla Studio, it is an Australian brand.  Designed by Zoe Pearn in New South Wales. Although the products are made in China because we all like cheaper scrapbooking supplies, I think Zoe’s products are high in quality and the paper is lovely and thick (similar to Simple Stories and Echo Park). Further more the collections are not limited to paper but have matching die cuts, stickers and those cute little enamel dots/shapes which are rather hard to pass up on!!

Cocoa Vanilla Studio Card Making with You Rock Collection

For those who may not know me I have 2 boys 10 and 7 so when I saw You Rock I immediately had to order it because I knew I would love crafting with this collection. I have made 5 cards using the You Rock Collection. While i was shopping, there were also die cuts from two previous collections, Made of Awesome and Totally Rad. What I totally saw and loved is the die cuts would match with the current collection. Therefore, just like Doodlebug Designs it is easily adaptable because the die cuts can be used over a number of collections.

So using the 12×12 You Rock Collection Kit and the Totally Rad die cuts, i’ve put together 5 cards.

Ive also added in some buttons, coloured twine and some mists to make these cards come alive!

Using Card Maps

When I make my cards I like to have an idea of where my card is going to end up because I don’t want to end in a mess. From there I can create with what i have got.  One of my favourite ways is to use Card Maps. Beck Fleck is one of my all time favourites as you may know. I used her January 2018 card maps. You can find them HERE . This is a great way to speed up the card making process and spend less time moving embellishments and paper around not knowing really what the final card will look like. Some times I also like to sketch my own out as well. You can find my first card maps HERE to download for free.

Next I spread out my papers and embellishments and simply cut and paste away! This collection is all about bright, fun and funky and for those who know me that is totally my style! Adding foam tape and buttons gives the cards added dimension.

Cocoa Vanilla Studio Made by Awesome

My next creative task is to create some cards using the same You Rock Papers, but using another collection, perhaps the die cuts to Made by Awesome.

If you’ve enjoyed this blog today please leave some love! I’m certainly open to ideas on what you’d like to see more of as well on my blog! Maybe a step by step project, more 3D cards or something else that will inspire you to craft!

Finally is a list of Products with links of what i used on my cards for the Cocoa Vanilla Studio Card Making with You Rock Collection:

Cocoa Vanilla Studio You Rock 12×12 Collection Kit

Cocoa Vanilla Studio Totally Rad Die Cuts

Little Birdie Lime Splash and Ocean Mist Mists

Craft Buttons Green and Orange

Green Tara Paper Twine Lime Green and Orange

Couture Creations 12mm Foam Tape

Couture Creations 12mm Double Sided Tape




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Doodlebug Design Milk & Cookies

Doodlebug Design Milk & Cookies 6x6 Paper Pad

Doodlebug Design Milk & Cookies

Doodlebug Design Milk & Cookies has just arrived in store!

Some of you may have watched my Live facebook video a while ago on the new Doodlebug Design Milk and Cookies Christmas range for 2017. If you didn't and would like to, you can find it here. The video is about an hour long if you can brave it.

In this video I said that I would post my finished cards on my blog.  I based these cards around the simple card maps I had drawn for myself.

A list of the products used will be at the end of this post and linked to my website so you can go shopping if you like what you see!

I like to keep my cards clean and simple, with not much fuss and adding a few embellishments. My favourite embellishments to use are buttons, sequins, epoxy dots and paper string.

Giving myself card maps helps me to establish boundaries and allows me to create quickly. This is great when you need to make cards to sell or have limited time on your hands.

Here are the Products I used to make the cards:

Doodlebug Design Milk & Cookies 6x6 Paper Pad

Doodlebug Design Milk & Cookies odds and ends

Doodlebug Design Peppermint Twist Washi Tape

Doodlebug Design Milk & Cookies Sprinkles

Doodlebug Design Milk & Cookies Glitter Sprinkles

Doodlebug Design Santas Sweets Washi Tape

Doodlebug Design Milk & Cookies Washi Tape

Doodlebug Design Sugarplum Sprinkles

Green Tara Paper String

The Buttons and sequins used were in my personal stash but watch out as i will be adding these items soon to my store!

It's a Freebie!

Finally, I know you all like a FREEBIE. The Card Maps I have used are all on a printable page for you to use when making cards. Please don't copy the page for others but share the link to the page to spread the love. You can find the card map page HERE.

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Chameleon Art Pens A Review

Chameleon Art Pens A Review

Chameleon Art Pens A Review.

Last week I got my first order of Chameleon Pens into the store, so I though I’d give you a little insight as to what I think about the pens..both the Pro’s and Con’s of course!

I have been a Copic lover for around 3 years now and absolutely love using them! The Chameleon pens are probably the closest I have come across to being like a Copic Marker…however it does not replace the Copic!.

I love the Chameleon pens for their juicy nibs, the brush tip is more like a paint brush and the nibs seem to let quite a bit of ink out which makes it feel like you are painting rather than colouring. The other feature I love is that it comes with a bullet and brush nib..not like the Copic that has the chisel end! (I never use that end!). Having the bullet tip means you can work in small areas easier and it writes really nice.

Like the Copic Marker the nibs and inks are replaceable and in terms of cost, pretty well much of a muchness.

I like the fact you can get several shades from the one Chameleon pen, making blending really easy from light to dark.

Thinking about being a first timer wanting to try out alcohol markers, I actually think I would have gone for the Chameleon pens if they were around…..why you ask? The outlay is less. It is $150 for 20 pens and a blender and detail pen…making one pen approx $7 worth. This pen gives you approx 10 different colour shades in the one pen, because of the use of it’s own blender attached to the pen. So in Copic language I would need approx 3-4 Copic markers (maybe more) to get the same effect the Chameleon pen does. A Copic is approx RRP $9 for a that means you would have to pay somewhere near $30-$40 for the entire blending colour range of 1 $7 Chameleon Pen.

Chameleons are a much more affordable way if you are not sure about getting in to alcohol markers. (plus you can buy Chameleon’s as singles and smaller packs)

The instructions and information that come in the 22 Set and on the Chameleon website is an awesome resource, giving you lots of inspiration and ideas on how to use your pens! The instructional videos are clear and well thought out to guide you through how to colour with the pens.

Now to some Con’s…I don’t like the fact that there is only 2o colours (hopefully they will come out with some more) seems a little limited…but in saying that the colours given are a great variety of bright and basic colours (which is great for a beginner). You can also layer the colours on top of each other to get new colours which also gives some interesting effects and new colours.

You can’t FULLY control the blending shade….It has taken a bit of practice to work out how long to fuse the marker with the blender to get the same shade.

It also is a little time consuming…usually I would have 3 Copic markers open in my hand that i can swap. With the fuse system waiting for 15-20 secs (sometimes longer and sometimes shorter) seems to take forever.

Using the markers is pretty straight forward, and I certainly will be using mine. In particular when travelling in the car (my hubby hates me taking Copics with me as i need so many!). The Chameleon Pen will certainly stop my colouring in cravings while i am away! As a beginner, this is a great way to start, to see if you like using them…If you do you can always invest in Copics later, and the best thing is the Chameleon Pens are designed to blend with any alcohol marker which means they won’t go to waste!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my review on these pens!

P.S A few days later i did a live broadcast on Periscope using these colour tone pens…you can check the video out on You Tube!